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     fMRI study

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1. What is the purpose of this study ?

        The purpose of the study is to understand the neural basis of emotion contagion as applied to music. Emotion contagion is a process by which an emotion is induced by a piece of music because the listener perceives the emotional expression of the music and then mimics this expression internally wherein by means of either peripheral feedback from muscles, or a more direct activation of relevant emotional representations in the brain, leads to an induction of the same emotion.

2. Who can participate ?

       Our study will invite musically trained and untrained adult listeners for functional neuroimaging.

3. Is it safe and do I have to pay ?

       The study will require an MRI scan which would be free of cost. An MRI scan is a common non-invasive technique like an X-ray but is even safer. Participants will be required to perform a task similar to that performed in the survey.

5. Any possible side-effects of taking part ?

        There are no side effects of taking part. If at all, you might feel a transient discomfort. This should disappear within 15 minutes after the experiment is completed.

6. What are the possible gains of taking part ?

       1) Exclusive T-Shirt
       2) Contributing to Neuroscience research